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The Sunridge approach to ESG focuses on truly taking responsibility for growing companies sustainably while also enhancing livelihoods, wellbeing and ecosystems for generations to come.

The food and agriculture sectors are plagued by negative externalities. By taking a curious, research and technology driven approach to company building, we help develop practical and innovative solutions to these headwinds.

We strive to implement best-in-class sustainability, and more importantly, restorative and regenerative practices, such as addressing soil health, preserving natural habitats and water resources, decreasing pesticide and herbicide use, reducing or eliminating packaging or waste, converting to renewable resources and adopting more efficient production methods.

Additionally, through entrepreneurial business building we can help solve global challenges around climate change and food insecurity, while ensuring a secure and healthy supply chain.

Food and nutrition affects everyone on the planet, and at Sunridge we are excited that we can play an active and positive role in supporting businesses, communities and the environment for future generations.

Everything we do, we always do with a mindset of taking real responsibility today and for the generations to come.

Philipp Saumweber, Managing Partner, Sunridge Partners

Embracing technology

We embrace innovation and technology. Food and agriculture has traditionally been very localized, lacked broad information transfer, and suffered from underinvestment in innovation and development.  As we operate internationally, there are many opportunities to apply best practices and new proven technologies across different regions.

Technology is transforming the food and agriculture landscape faster than ever before, and creating opportunities to improve productivity, health outcomes and sustainability. We work with all our businesses to optimise their approach to R&D, and invest heavily in new technology, machinery, systems and products, to maintain or achieve sector dominance.

Sunridge proudly incorporates key ESG and responsibility principles in its investment activities and have committed to:

Incorporate ESG considerations into the investment and business building processes

Prioritise ESG issues in our ownership policies and practices

Seek appropriate disclosure on responsibility achievements within Sunridge investments

Promote acceptance and implementation of best practices within our sector and the broader investment community

Report on our activities and progress towards implementing these practices

We have also made a commitment to meaningfully contribute to and find solutions in our investments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs where we believe Sunridge can have the greatest impact are:

Sunridge is proud to partner with City Harvest, ‘Rescuing Food, People and Planet’.
Founded in 2014 by a group of people who came together to address food waste and food poverty in London to become the capital’s first food redistribution charity.

City Harvest currently rescues enough surplus food for over 1.2 million meals a month for people unable to feed their families. Sunridge is offering its time volunteering and supporting them with funding, food donations, and industry connections.

City Harvest