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What makes Sunridge different is their approach. They are operators and business builders. They bring an industry perspective to market gaps and food supply chain issues and work to create lasting and innovative solutions.

Ann Veneman, Senior Adviser & Former US Secretary of Agriculture

The Sunridge team bring more than just capital. We are entrepreneurs, operators and innovators, and we value close collaboration and trust in everything we do.
We work with exceptional companies, providing hands-on support to guide them through rapid yet sustainable growth to become clear industry leaders.
We take responsibility for growing companies sustainably, always protecting human and environmental ecosystems for future generations.
We pioneer innovative approaches and technologies to solve headwinds facing businesses across the food, beverage and agribusiness value chain.
We have a global network of experts, advisors and partners to help us solve complex problems and drive consistent growth.
We have an unparalleled global track record and reputation in achieving outsized returns for all stakeholders.
How we create value
Consolidation and vertical integration

Developing opportunities though fragmented value chains, driving economies of scale and improved product offerings.

Geographic and technology opportunities

Delivering products, technologies and processes to new markets. Adopting new innovations and developing IP.

Innovative partnerships

Structuring mutually beneficial partnership relationships with key end customers to solve market inefficiencies and cutting out intermediaries.

Professionalization and corporate excellence

A dedicated focus on best-in-class teams, business development, operations, governance, and systems.


Prioritising responsible business practices, leading to better run, more profitable, more attractive companies.

How our resources help our partnerships
Strategic planning

Mapping a long-term roadmap for value creation and lasting industry leadership.

Talent & recruiting

Team building and coaching, key personnel recruitment, professionalization, and best-practices in culture-building.

Operations support

Management, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, and systems support from leaders with years of industry experience.

Sales & distribution

Relationships – and years of experience collaborating – with some of the most influential end users of food (retailers, food service and manufacturing).

Business development

Driving growth through new market/product entry, and merger & acquisitions initiatives.

Innovation & efficiency

Capital and expertise to drive world-class R&D, technology transfer, automation, and efficiencies.

Connecting partners

Connections to past and current partner company owners and leaders, including Sunridge events.

Exit strategy

Planning, support, guidance and relationships to facilitate an eventual exit.

Across the food, beverage and agribusiness value chain, Sunridge focuses on growth and consolidation opportunities within attractive niches.


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  • plant genetics
  • nutrients and protections
  • machinery, tools, irrigation
  • propagation
  • animal genetics
  • animal feed

Primary production

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  • low and high value crops
  • forestry
  • dairy
  • meat
  • poultry
  • fisheries
  • aquaculture

Sourcing and logistics

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  • specialty sourcing and wholesale
  • cold chain distribution
  • specialty distribution
  • commodity trading
  • commodity distribution

Processing and manufacturing

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  • fruit and veg processing
  • milling and bakery
  • dairy processing
  • meat and fish processing
  • food additives, flavours and ingredients
  • B2B food manufacturing
  • branded and B2C food and beverage

Investment criteria

We partner with private, mostly family-owned companies based in the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries. We are looking for:

  • Exceptional management teams with a shared passion to grow
  • Businesses operating in rapidly growing niches within food, beverage and agriculture
  • Alignment on environmental, ethical and social responsibility
  • The ability for Sunridge to add value beyond capital and scale businesses
  • Minimum EBITDA of US$4 million
  • Equity investments of USD 10 – 50 million over the investment lifetime

We are proud to have partnered with carefully selected blue-chip institutional investors, who share our vision and values, and are committed to helping finance and grow food, beverage and agri-business leaders over the long term, while supporting improvement of to the food industry supply chain.

A view from inside

Philipp Saumweber, Managing Partner, discusses Sunridge’s investment process, its approach to problem solving, and the importance of people, ethics and values

Hugues Marchand, Partner, on what makes Sunridge truly unique, the entrepreneurial, passionate and driven ethos within the firm and ability to support growth and corporate development

Michael Voice, Partner, details what Sunridge looks for in an investment, how Sunridge supports value creation and the need to preserve and enhance business legacy over the long term

Ann Veneman, former United States Secretary of Agriculture and Adviser to Sunridge speaks about the Sunridge team’s thoughtful approach to leadership when they come into an organisation