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At Sunridge Partners, we understand food, beverage and agribusiness. We are not just investors. We are passionate and entrepreneurial business builders, combining deep sector experience with strong operational and commercial development capabilities. We are committed to providing hands-on support to our portfolio companies, and believe in building long-term, successful and innovative partnerships of equals.

Selected partner stories

Sunridge are not a typical private equity investor. They understand the food world. They understand the agri world.

Aisling Kemp, CEO, JDM

Sunridge have a proven track record of growing agribusinesses. The partners are all good people and honest. I like them!

Greg McLain, Former Owner CEO, Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms

We invest in remarkable teams, helping them solve real world problems and realise transformational growth to become lasting food, beverage and agribusiness leaders. We do this collaboratively, responsibly and thoughtfully, preserving company legacy for generations to come.

A view from inside

Philipp Saumweber, Managing Partner, discusses Sunridge’s investment process, its approach to problem solving, and the importance of people, ethics and values

Hugues Marchand, Partner, on what makes Sunridge truly unique, the entrepreneurial, passionate and driven ethos within the firm and ability to support growth and corporate development

Michael Voice, Partner, details what Sunridge looks for in an investment, how Sunridge supports value creation and the need to preserve and enhance business legacy over the long term

Ann Veneman, former United States Secretary of Agriculture and Adviser to Sunridge speaks about the Sunridge team’s thoughtful approach to leadership when they come into an organisation